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When you choose a Buffet clarinet you'll be getting a quality instrument from one of the top manufacturers. Buffet clarinets are sought after by professionals and students and recommended by many music teachers. Whether you are looking for a student, intermediate or professional model we can help you find them - and at the lowest prices around. Buffet Crampon is one of today's leading clarinet manufacturers, making such long respected models as the R13.

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Featured Buffet Models

Professional Models

The Buffet R13 Clarinet is the choice of many professionals around the world. The ease of response and centered tone have made this instrument a favorite. In addition to the R13, Buffet has many other desirable professional clarinets. Check the latest price on Buffet R13 clarinets The R13 is actually a family of models which also includes the Vintage, Prestige and Festival. See all Buffet pro models

Intermediate Models


Buffet E11 and E12 clarinets are an intermediate models with many of the features of professional models. Check prices on Buffet intermediate clarinets

Student Models


Student Buffet Clarinet Models - Constructed of ABS resin, these student models will hold up to weather changes, outdoor playing and student wear and tear. Check prices on Buffet student clarinets


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